Today’s Twitter Updates

  • It's like classic Facebook! Check out Facebook Lite Via @jim_brown & @NickiLaycoax #
  • RT @jackola: Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition: #
  • AT&T's website is about as slow and cumbersome as their phone service. #
  • What an awful day. Missed the shuttle earlier, I'm out of Pepsis, I have no time for anything useful and I'm ready to scream. #
  • Rep. Joe Wilson (R, SC) yelled out "Lie" at Obama during healthcare speech. Should be formally disciplined: #
  • Oh, I like where this is going… #
  • How do Republicans respond to Obama's healthcare speech!? What are they going to say, "Uhh…we like it when people are broke."? #
  • Who is your favorite #Glee character? I know mine! #
  • I do not understand these Republicans. What on earth are they so frickin' afraid of about healthcare!? #
  • Obama: Insurance companies are evil sum' bitches. #
  • Well. At least half the room is standing and applauding. That's good, right? #

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