Today’s Twitter Updates

  • @srcoley — you might be on to something there. #
  • Trick or treaters are annoying. I’m watching a lecture and they keep rining the doorbell to a house with the porch lights STILL off! #
  • Watching a lecture. Three more hours to go… #
  • IWDG growing with 20 members in less than two weeks! Learn more about – first meetup 11/13, 6PM @ Rathskeller. #
  • I’m so thirsty. This is a new level of thirst, too. None of that, “Oh. I guess I’d like a tasty beverage”. This is real. This is “OMG WATER” #
  • Whew. I’m really tired. I think I need to get out for a bike ride and re-energize. #
  • Ordered a pizza. About to go rent a movie and call it a day. #

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