Today’s Twitter Updates

  • @tonydewan apartment, I assume. Any damage? Need a place to stay? #
  • Back home from Salem and the family din din. Oddly, I’m still kinda hungry. #
  • @tonydewan I think it’s policy for depts. to send as many trucks as possible just in case. That’s what I was told when I lived at IUPUI. #
  • New and improved! Fewer images! Less tables! Fewer photos of me! #
  • 2:40 in the mornin’. Guess I should go to bed now that Ron White’s special is over. #
  • @tonydewan I’ve been making some tableless designs for a while now. Just never got around to my own website… #
  • It’s 9 am. Have you bought my Christmas presents yet? #
  • Holy crap! My hometown of Salem, Ind. makes the Indy Star: #
  • mmm…leftovers! #

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