Urban Planning

I’ve been reading some obscure ramblings lately on urban planning and the desire to continually create “a vibrant downtown.”

For years, white middle and  upper class folks have fled cities to live in the suburbs and then return to the city only to work. As can be seen by Indy’s suburban county growth, this seems to be a reasonable trend. But, our cities are different now. Young college grads want the urban lifestyle more and more than a suburban life. Oh, and gas is $4.00 a gallon.

I wonder now if we’ll see a shift in the planning of our cities. I think you’ll see more development projects featuring ascending towers and sprawling shopping centers located amidst a downtown area.

Indianapolis has always enjoyed one of the best downtown-based malls in the country at Circle Centre. Comparable cities like Detroit, Columbus and Cincinnati have always failed miserably. Perhaps this is because Indy’s transportation system sucks so bad and no one worries about funneling “the no-gooders” into the downtown area.

I think, here in Indy anyway, we’ll see a reverse trend over the coming years that’ll bring people back downtown and we’ll see a rebirth of our cities to the extent that Paris and London have.

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