Utah Wants to Eliminate the 12th Grade

The folks in Utah are about the craziest bunch of MF’ers in the nation. Just downright batshit crazy.

The sudden buzz over the relative value of senior year stems from a recent proposal by state Sen. Chris Buttars that Utah make a dent in its budget gap by eliminating the 12th grade.

The notion quickly gained some traction among supporters who agreed with the Republican’s assessment that many seniors frittered away their final year of high school, but faced vehement opposition from other quarters, including in his hometown of West Jordan.

Buttars has since toned down the idea, suggesting instead that senior year become optional for students who complete their required credits early. He estimated the move could save up to $60 million, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The proposal comes as the state faces a $700-million shortfall and reflects the creativity — or desperation — of lawmakers.

This proposal has so many holes it’s hard to even begin counting. If Republicans think kids just fritter away their Senior year, they’re not necessarily wrong. But to think that “Senioritis” won’t just turn into “Junioritis” is plain idiotic and out of touch.

Another big question: what kind of a university – either in Utah or elsewhere – is going to let in a kid who, for the most part, hasn’t completed high school?

It sounds to me like they’re just looking at all the high school kids and saying, “Are you done yet? Seriously. Hurry it the hell up – you’re costing us money.”

Again, I will reiterate this: governing with all that money shouldn’t be hard. In fact, I imagine if anyone with just common sense and a good head on their shoulders could do it by themselves.

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