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Yesterday, I was working on the storyboards for a video project for the Indiana Judges Association and Indiana Judicial Center. The premise revolves around new, “plain-English”, jury instructions that do away with all the confusing legal gobbledygook and replaces it with words that mean more to most people.

It’s a difficult concept to showcase in a video and I don’t have the luxury of a lot of B-roll footage to throw along with it. So, I set out on the Internet to look for examples and inspiration of similar videos.

I didn’t find much.

Naturally, YouTube was my first place to go. The number of videos are astronomical and I’m sure they’re many great videos available. However, it’s just too daunting and there wasn’t just a “Most Well-Produced” channel. It’s mostly teenagers crying about Justin Bieber.

Then I checked out Vimeo, which is the videographer’s choice for sharing videos because of it’s high-quality streams and easy to use interface. They’re the Apple of video websites. I found a few samples to draw inspiration from, but it was still rough finding things that inspired me for my situation.

I did, however, find some gems worth sharing. Namely, Jamendo, which is a great place to get high-quality sounds and audio tracks for videos. Some for free, most with attribution and a few that are for pay. I was also impressed with the video work of GOOD, which includes a lot of animated shorts to explain difficult and abstract facts.

If anyone is aware of a “Smashing Magazine” for video, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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