Website Nightmares: is widely regarded as one of the most popular, albeit below-average, services for web hosting, domain name registration, email, SSL certificates and they probably make a lot of money on those crappy website builders, too.

I use GoDaddy’s services. I have for years and I’ve always just stuck with it because everything was so cheap and, largely, worked well for what I needed. Support is always handy and available all the time –I even called on Christmas day once. They speak English, too, which is always a plus.

But, throughout the years I’ve endured what is also regarded as one of the most difficult to navigate websites on the Internet. It’s absolutely horrid the amount of upselling they push, the number of things moving and flashing and spinning and swirling. In all honesty, I think GoDaddy has some fine designers and developers on their staff. I really do. If you look at things individually on their site, it looks ok. But, it’s when you piece things together that it becomes a real nightmare. I’m convinced they’re good people with great talent that are being dictated to by marketers and managers. It’s an attempt by higher-ups to cram as much information as possible into every part of their website. It’s gotten better over the years, but it’s still a drain. To make any good headway, they need a complete overhaul of their entire site architecture and the way they think about doing business online.

The homepage is arguably one of the better parts of their site, but it still leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouths. So, as part of my Website Nightmares series, I’ve taken a 60-minute attempt at redesigning it. It’s not finished, by a long shot, but I think it’s a little better and a good head start. The navigation is much cleaner, the domain search feature is a bit easier to find and isn’t covered up by the massive drop-down menu that the site currently has, which is probably priority #1 for anyone going there. I kept the bottom navigation menu of the site because I thought it was ok as-is, but removed much of the footer of the existing site all together (not seen in the screenshot).

The Website Redesign

Here’s the before:

Website Nightmares: 1

And the after, with 60 minutes of work:

Website Nightmares: 2

You can see that I ran out of time to devote to the area just to the left of the domain search box. One big functionality I would change is account logins. Now, when you go to the site and enter your login details it just dumps you right back on the homepage, which is mostly useless. I’ve never logged in and NOT wanted to go to the “My Account” section of the site, but for some reason they have a separate button their existing navigation menu for that. If you click it, you still have to login on that page. It adds 2-3 extra clicks that aren’t necessary. In my world view, you login at the top of the homepage and it takes you to your account management. If you’re returning and it knows who you are, but it’s been long enough you need to login again, it does show you how many domains and accounts are expiring soon. Right now, I have 8 domains about to expire. Ironically, it also tells me sometimes that my hosting account is about to expire soon, too. Except, it’s paid for for another 4 years.

In my layout, there needs to be a discussion about the navigation elements. Currently, GoDaddy’s site has a massive mega-dropdown with dozens and dozens of choices, mostly for things no one has ever used. Or at least should use.

Download the Source

As always, you can download the layered  PNG file.
(Excuse my lack of naming layers — remember, I work in 60 minutes or less on these).

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  1. I’m am so for your re-design. I’m aware of how old this post is but I read it and I just have to applaud you. I’m a customer of also. The UX behind the site is a complete drag. I feel your frustration and would only add that a logo re-design is in call from my opinion.

    Thanks for the good read!


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