Website Nightmares

They’re a bunch of websites out there that occasionally list “The top 5 worst websites” or “The worst web designs of 2010”, and they’re the most atrocious looking things you’ve ever seen, like this, this and this.

I don’t like these kinds of posts. How would you like it if you took your car to a mechanic and found them laughing at you because you bought the light blue wiper fluid and not the dark blue? People know what they know and because someone makes a crappy website doesn’t make them terrible, it just makes them unskilled. We should embrace these people and help them on their way.

That said, I’m starting a new blog series titled “Design Nightmares” where I’ll run across a crummy website (and those aren’t hard to find, especially the ones that most anyone would agree are lousy) and redesign it in as close to 60 minutes as I possibly can. I’ll re-make the layout of the site and publish a layered PNG file. You can download it and mess with it yourself if you’d like.

Whether the sites improve with my layout or not isn’t completely my concern. Instead, I want to improve my own design aesthetics and help make the web a better place where I can.

First up, Indianapolis Power and Light Co.

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