When Google Gets Lost

We were recently working on a website for a great new client in Plainfield, Indiana and we couldn’t find her. Or at least, more specifically, Google couldn’t.

The new site, www.kjroath.com, launched last week with one caveat: the map is only sorta right. I was really proud of the fact that we got all of Keirsten’s content and message all on one page, including her new logo. However, when we went to insert the obligatory Google Map, the location was wrong.

Initially, Keirsten was left floating around a half mile up the road and under a different name. As it turns out, Plainfield, the west-side Indianapolis suburb has undergone such growth in the past year or so that Google hasn’t kept up.

We reported the anomaly, but in the meantime, we wanted a map. So, we created a custom “My Map” and dropped the pin where Keirsten’s office is physically located. This caused Google to use the literal coordinates of the office and masked it with a “Co. Rd.” address.

While we got the functionality, for the time-being, for users to get directions to the physical location, it’s interesting to find a place on Earth that Google hasn’t quite figured out yet.

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