Who I’m Voting for & Why

I think the democracy might run better if we all had to disclose our votes. Maybe Facebook should get on that.

Regardless, as more of a service to me, I’m writing here to tell who I’m voting for tomorrow and, albeit briefly as possible, why.

US Senate
Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) – Picking between the Dem and Republican would be like picking between two bags of crap. Brad Ellsworth is a weak Democrat who votes with his party and has presented no real ideas. Dan Coats was already in office years ago before Evan Bayh and got out because he thought he’d lose. Now that’s a pussy.

Plus, the Libertarians are most in line with my thinking at the moment. Dump the wars, federal oversight of things like the drug wars, education and let people do whatever the heck they want — get an abortion, push for civil unions and get the government out of the marriage business and so on. Plus, they don’t want to build crap like teapot museums.

US House, Dist. 7
Dav Wilson (L) – The Democrat, Andre Carson is only in his office because his mom died mid-term. That’s a lousy reason to be there. Marvin Scott has no ideas and I’m sure the ones he has are dumb (we need jobs!) and he has an even dumber logo (a highway sign and I think of nothing but “Highway to Hell” when I see it).

Secretary of State
Mike Wherry (L) – According to Indiana law, Libertarians can’t be on the ballot in any future elections if, when electing the Secretary of State, the Libertarian candidate doesn’t garner at least 2% of the vote. Wherry is polling at 7% so far and I support the idea of a third party candidate.

Auditor of State
Tim Berry (R) – Berry is already the SoS and I see no reason to divide up Mitch Daniel’s existing government with people who would just complain about things. I see this is a low-use position and I’d assume he and Daniels, who I support, would get along.

Treasurer of State
Richard Mourdock (R) – Again, keeping it consistent with Daniels. However, his bungled Chrysler bailout lawsuit makes me wince.

Indiana House, District 89
John Barnes (D) – An incumbent seeking his second term, this was my hardest decision. Barnes hasn’t done anything useful, and I’d like the idea of Indiana’s house going Republican so Daniels can really bring his ideas, 99% of which I’ve supported, to full fruition — namely school choice and weakening that darned teacher’s union. I may still change my mind at the ballot and vote for Cindy Kirchhofer (R) to give support to Daniels and his largely Libertarian-leaning policies. Daniels is really running the show over at the Statehouse anyway. The only downside here is that a bunch of social issues will no doubt creep in. Daniels won’t diddle too much with them, but he will support them if he gets a bill on his desk banning gay marriage or that tightens up abortion laws.

Marion Co. / Indianapolis Races
I’ll skip the boring Marion County / Indianapolis races and say that I’m voting Republican on 4 races, Libertarian on 2 and Democractic on 1. The most notable of these races are the Clerk’s Office and the Sheriff. Beth White is the current Democractic clerk and I don’t like her. She grates on my nerves and always looks like someone who just woke up at the wheel. For Sheriff, I wish I could vote for Andy Taylor, but I guess I’ll vote for Dennis Fishburn. At least he didn’t break campaign laws and doesn’t seem so buddy-buddy with an obviously corrupt core of IMPD like John Layton is.

Also of importance — I’ll be voting in favor of Property Tax Caps. Gov. Daniels is likely going to be the last small-government kind of guy we get in a long while. Tax Caps take a pretty strong “starve the beast” mentality to things, but it’ll at least guarantee some level of control and predictability (which I enjoy). I don’t believe, at all, that education (for example) requires that much money. In fact, I think it could be done for half as much in most cases and we’d get the same results we’re seeing now. Money isn’t the solution, if it were, we would have fixed everything by now.

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