Why Republicans Win

I was driving home today from running a few errands and I was thinking about Air America Radio.

When I first started working for the Court, I came across Air America and found it to be a pretty good way of passing the day. Music stations get cumbersome to me and since I was only an intern, I didn’t spend much time configuring iTunes with a bunch of podcasts (there weren’t that many then, anyway).

I generally liked Air America. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Jerry Springer’s talk show. It wasn’t like his TV show and he was rather thoughtful to his callers and offered good, centrist, opinions. Mind you, most others on the radio like Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes were far, far left of center.

This week, Air America died. It declared bankruptcy after years of financial trouble. The folks at FOX no doubt had a heyday with the news.

As I was driving, I realized why Air America failed – their audience is way too progressive to be listening to a radio. I only listened because it was the only thing available. Once I started working full-time and had more and more tech-related podcasts, I dropped listening to Air America. Plus, Jerry Springer had moved on and Rachel Maddow got her show on MSNBC.

It occurs to me why Republican-radio is so popular. The people that would actually listen to Republican-radio are old enough to actually own radios in places other than their cars. All the same reason why Republicans have such epic failures each year figuring out this new-fangled Internet. So, Republicans like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly will claim they destroyed Air America when really it was just bad distribution. Air America never put up full-length podcasts and only had an Internet stream that was shoddy and poor like every other radio stream online.

I’ll keep this in mind when I run for Congress.

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  1. I used to stream Air America through iTunes. I have never listened to it on an actual radio. Eventually, it lost its attractiveness for me, mainly because of personalities like Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes. While I may have agreed with much of what they said, their delivery and rhetoric made me cringe because it was just as vitriolic as what you would get on right-wing radio.

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