Yes We Can!


A planned student protest against Indianapolis Public Schools’ dress code this morning appears to have fizzled.

Students at Broad Ripple High School had proposed a walkout at the beginning of the day over the district’s dress code and spread the word to other schools by Facebook. But this morning, the central office reported that it had heard of no students actually protesting.

I don’t like dress codes, just like I don’t like the idea of planned curriculums based around whatever our legislators perceive as the most important subject at the time. There’s too much emphasis on science and math and not nearly enough on the arts. Yet, since we fail so miserably at science and math, I guess our whole system is just crap-tacular.

What bothers me here is that this is a bad omen for the future. If these kids can’t even bother to stand up and protest the restrictions and regulations of one school system, how on earth are they even going to bother to stand up against possible repression by our government?

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