You found the content marketing writer near Indianapolis that hates ‘content’

Congratulations! You found what may be the one content marketing writer near Indianapolis or all of the Midwest that hates the word “content”.

I get up on my high horse about content marketing and content writing every chance I get.

It sounds like I have to do it again because this is a hill I’m willing to die on: we have to stop using the word “content marketing”. Or “content writing” or any kind of marketing that involves “content”.

I do not like the c-word.

If I throw a slice of pizza on the ground, it’s garbage. But if I take a photo of it and post it to Facebook suddenly, it becomes content. What a waste.

  • Writers write novels, fiction, and biographies. 
  • Musicians produce music and painters paintings.
  • Producers make movies.
  • Poets write poems.
  • Journalists write and cover news.
  • And people like Quentin Tarantino direct films.

And what am I supposed to do? “Content”? Gross. 🤢

And your business, which probably does interesting things from auditing fire suppression systems or educating children or writing software, does what you surely hope is world-class work.

So don’t belittle yourself with something as banal as “content marketing”.

What we’re doing requires edits, excerpts, and other items required to propel your content up search rankings.

We’ll produce copy and help you evaluate the best way to get it online, either through me or your existing web team.

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If you’re not a content writer, then what are we even doing?

I help businesses, nonprofits, and organizations all around Indianapolis and Indiana move beyond content marketing and piddly content creation to full-on brand journalism.

Hire me because it’s my job to:

  • Start writing about your products and services.
  • Help improve your organic website SEO and search engine reach.
  • Develop a creative policy through “topic hubs”, as I call them.
  • Provide writing for you to run with on your website, social media, email lists, and more.
  • Research and blog about what your business is doing here in Indianapolis and the world.
  • Open your website up to improve copywriting, technical writing, and web writing.
  • Get your clients and customers to talk more about what you do openly and honestly.
  • Lead your team through new case studies, customer surveys, and address key topics in the way you service customers

It’s my job to improve your business communications, message, and keep your site focused on the main thing your business does best.

What about social media? We sometimes don’t know what to say or do there.

I’ve just given you 500 words about how much I hate content marketing and “SEO Content” for the sake of tricking people into clicking on web search results. You better believe I have opinions about social media.


  • Say something when you have something to say.
  • Say nice things about your clients and ask them to say nice things about you.
  • Treat Facebook like a business card: you have it because you have to, not because you think it’s going to be the magic thing to generate a lot of business.
  • As companies go, most small businesses and anyone in “boring” businesses with fewer than 500 employees will have a hard time growing a new audience from scratch or engaging what you already have. That’s just the nature of algorithms today.
  • Be plugged into your community, whether that’s Indianapolis or Fort Wayne or Evansville or Columbus or tiny Amity, Indiana.

Your blog will be your best source for social media marketing and creative post ideas. The more we produce on your site, which should be the center of your digital universe, the more you’ll have to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

I do not have a marketing strategy.

I don’t have a strategy for “marketing content”, either.

There are a series of things I do as part of any page or project that any planned SEO or project will automatically cover:

  • Page title and meta descriptions
  • Relevant headings and subheadings
  • Content engagement and broken up embedded media
  • Content best practices for search engine indexing and accessibility
  • Internal linking
  • Rich Snippets & SCHEMA
  • Leveraging product and service sales 

But that’s just table stakes.

I sit down with companies and people, listen to them intently about their work, hear about your problems, what you’ve tried and done in the past, and think up creative ways to get noticed in digital channels like Bing and Google.

The strategy is different for everyone, every time. If there’s a target or industry goal for my work, it’s this: “focused, in-depth, and consistent development and writing for your website that tells Google and others you are an authority in your industry.

That’s it. 

Just me and your company working on a series of posts targeted to specific keywords and campaigns that raise the value of your website. A higher value means more visitors, more visitors means more leads, and more leads mean more sales.

Hire me before some other competing company near Indianapolis does.

Because when I start working with a company or organization, I am relentless. 

I’m a partner that shows up to the office Christmas parties. I want to understand everything you’ve ever done and will do. I want to know the history of your founder’s family back to the Civil War, just to be sure I know which side they fought for.

Your team will benefit from the increased exposure to them and their work. Plus, many clients like hearing about your team and knowing who else is involved in their work.

You’ll be able to see each project I’m working on from start to finish, even before I’ve formally presented it to you. You’ll also be able to follow the development of posts and pages as they progress. I take services to the next level with absurd transparency in my process.

Over 2 million people a year read or see my work. My copywriting work is on hundreds of websites. This includes all the ads, resources, case studies, email campaigns, landing page, and service page updates, and more, including this blog and the hundreds of free and paid articles I write.

As advertising goes, creating more communications, messages, and solutions on your website lasts forever. Your Facebook post has a shelf life of about a day. An email lasts about half a day (but does well on conversions, usually).

Quality copy on your website has a compounding effect over time. Like building new rooms onto your house improves your resale value, investing in your website with my background, skills, and 15 years of experience will increase your sales.

But no one reads anymore. Why would we hire a website writer?

You read this page, didn’t you?

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