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Blog, webpage, and email copywriting from Indianapolis, Indiana

Blog ghostwriting

Your blog probably serves two purposes: driving traffic and driving readership. Those are two different strategies. Avoid the “SEO’d content” and get news, updates, stories, and case studies that people actually want to read.

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Website copywriting and landing pages

Start from scratch, get an audit, or optimize for SEO — or all three. Your website matters only if it says something. Remember: Google reads text, not photos and video (though they help!)

Email campaigns

Email is the “cockroach of the Internet”. It’ll survive us all — probably because it works. With conversion rates 3-10x greater than social media campaigns ever hope to be. Email works!

The seductive power of narrative nonfiction writing means our brand’s story is consistent, long-lasting in Google search, and has brought in thousands of new readers.
— Client discussing their years-long efforts to grow their site organically.

Let’s banish the word “content”, and for good reason

Scriptwriters write movie and TV scripts.

Novelists write books.

Biographers write biographies.

And somehow website writers and “SEOs” write…”content”.

We should banish the word “content” because you can usually replace it with “garbage” in any sentence and it still makes sense. Like this:

“We’ve added new content garbage to our blog!”

Someone in a marketing department, probably

“We’ve made it easier to search our content garbage!”

A developer somewhere, probably

See? Put another way: if you throw a piece of pizza on the ground, it’s garbage. Put a photo of the pizza on the ground on Instagram and suddenly it’s “content”.

I don’t know what “content” is. “Content” is unspecific and shoveled on to the Internet without respect for readers. If there are any readers.

If you want content, don’t hire me. I research histories, produce case studies, conduct interviews, write stories, answer questions, and give advice.

Here’s what I think, in a nutshell

You want a bunch of people to follow you? Try a new dating app.

You want someone to “write the story of your brand?” Read Vonnegut.

You want fans and people to like you? Start a band and take lots of shirtless selfies.

You want to inspire people to take action? Find religion.

I don’t do any of that. And I don’t do video production, app development, host websites we don’t build, record podcasts, or fix someone else’s website that’s infected with malware.

I don’t chase fads, trends, clicks, cliches, or design styles.

If you want any of that, you can walk outside, pick up a rock, throw it, and hit someone on the head that can do some or all of that. I’ve done this for a while, and none of that stuff sustainably makes anyone money.

Please don’t call on me if you’re not comfortable with uncomfortable questions or ideas. Don’t email if you think a good Facebook strategy is posting motivational quotes. Don’t message if you think millennials are entitled or seniors aren’t worth anything. And certainly not if you think no one reads or that an Instagram follower is somehow worth more than a sale.

I bill all clients on monthly retainers starting at $500/mo. I work with a mere 7 people only. No more, no less.

I write for websites, email campaigns, ghostwriting, copywriting, print, outdoor ads, and conduct research for books, genealogy, histories, biographies, and journalism.

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