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 A small business’s guide to a better website. Stop flying by the seat of your pants: Available Now!

“This is the best book on small business marketing online I have ever read” — Someone will say, probably.

Here’s how to make your website and online presence better. The SuperPixel guide to websites for small businesses ensures that you have a plan for today and the future. By following what’s written here, YOU will get the results you want with your online marketing.

This short guidebook distills over a decade of experience making websites, designing creative work, and developing strategies for small and mid-size businesses like yours, all in under 7,000 words.

Forget the self-help junk, broad generalizations, and empty gestures. This guide offers practical marketing advice you can apply immediately. Get it in your inbox today!

Available for free, to you, to help make your website, email campaigns, logo, social media outreach, and more better.

What’s included in this small business guide to a better website?

  • Marketing vs. branding and what you’re doing
  • Logo design
  • Establishing goals, strategies, and guidelines
  • Questions to make you think about your customers
  • 17 things worth writing about in your blog
  • How and what to measure on your site and online
  • What to look for when hiring a contractor to design your website and other creative work
  • A checklist of top to-dos to get you started.

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