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Hire a freelance genealogist in Indiana

Serving the midwest and other general family history research

If I told you the King died, then the Queen died, that’s a sequence of events. If I told you the King died, and the Queen died from grief, that’s a story. Your family history has a story, too, even if it doesn’t have royalty in it. Hire a freelance genealogist in Indiana to uncover your Midwestern roots.

You know how far you’ve come from when you understand where you come from.

In addition to copywriting and research work for businesses and organizations, I help individuals get started with genealogical research.

I’ll help you plan out what you know, map out what you don’t know, and execute a family history search using all the latest online tools, military records, and vital records. And I have immediate access to resources like the Indiana State Library, Indiana Historical Society, Allen County Public Library, and dozens of other Indiana historical societies. Many of which may contain photos, family bibles, or the missing link to your family tree.

Get on my calendar or contact me to start talking about your family history. There’s no risk to you and no fee until we start genealogical research in earnest.

Discover your family’s history

There are two ways to start: either on my calendar or via email. You can also call me at 317-395-3875.

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Historical research that goes beyond a family tree chart

Indiana genealogy research encompasses a lot of Quaker, German-American, and Italian-American family research. I can help you identify a mere tree along one or more branches or go further and write family timelines that bring your social history to life.

Did my family cross Ohio or Kentucky? Did my forefathers support Lincoln and the Union or the Confederacy? What impact did slavery have on my family? What other documents, journals, and photos can we find about my ancestors? How many professionals, farmers, or clergy are in my family?

Find out more about your ancestors and learn more than just data. Contact me to get started.

Justin’s genealogy specialization and experience

  • Eastern, New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest states American genealogical research
  • Colonial, revolutionary, nineteenth, and twentieth-century research
  • Military, naturalization, and immigration records
  • German, British, Welsh, Scottish, and western European origination
  • Lutheran church records, as well as Quaker and Society of Friends records

FAQs about my Midwest-focused genealogical research