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Justin Harter is a copywriter, website consultant, & narrative nonfiction writer

Combining stories people want to read with the skills to make your website better

If your website has a bunch of “content” but doesn’t say something people want to read, I can change that.

My new book, The Great Tri-State Tornado, is now available

You can pre-order your signed or unsigned copy now directly from me.

The Great Tri-State Tornado will also be available at Walgreens, select Wal-Marts, and through other regional and large book sellers and online stores.

The Great Tri-State Tornado by Justin Harter

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Get industry-leading brand journalism, stories, blogs, and landing pages to increase website traffic and sales

I help small businesses, nonprofits, and governments talk to humans and bots. You’ll get blogs that read and sound like they were written in-house.

  • Improve your website rank in Google and SEO
  • My average client doubles their traffic in 3 months and triples it in about a year
  • Give your team actionable, new strategies
  • Impress everyone with more revenue

No industry is too niche. Whether you offer B2B training, youth outreach, government services, or just want help sharing case studies and client successes it all starts with an email.

Because business should be an act of friendship. Made by a real person.

Nothing I do or touch is made by some faceless corporation, it’s made by a real person. Thank you for supporting someone who cares about lovingly crafting and growing real things for real people.

I’m a website copywriter in Indianapolis working for clients nationwide

There’s a way to make your website better.

I’ve done copywriting, ghostwriting, landing page writing, website consulting, and “content marketing” for 15+ years for over three dozen clients like you.

My work combines narrative nonfiction, storytelling, and brand journalism.

Chart of increasing website visits
Year-over-year results for every site I work on shows increasing visits, which means more sales and leads for you.
Justin at his desk
I’m committed to doing less work, but better. That means hyper-focusing on you and the projects that I work on.

I’m doing work for a maximum of 7 clients.
These are some of who I’m working with.

You should become one before space is gone.

👷‍♀️ | An Indianapolis-based engineering firm
🎓 | Indiana University
👨‍👨‍👦 | Indiana-based child welfare agencies
🦺 | A national training firm
🕰 | A Missouri Historical Society and museum
👾 | An indie game app developer
💭 | A spot for you

Here’s how Justin can be your go-to storyteller and website consultant

Website Consulting

Get your existing website reviewed for search placement, keywords, and a second opinion on how your site is performing.

Content Marketing

The term has lost favor, but let’s call it what it is: writing for audiences on Google and Facebook. They’re out there, so get them on to your site.


Get research-backed genealogical research, surveys, case studies, and other evidence to back up your name, family, brand, or business. Just look at some of the results people get on the web.

Local SEO

The best local SEO comes from great localized material like that customer you helped here in town, or the team you sponsored. Don’t keep it a secret!

Plus other great ways to enhance and learn about writing for the web


Need a speaker for your event, podcast, webinar, or training?

I’ve organized and spoken at leading web and educational conferences like the Indiana Teacher’s Association, Indiana Judicial Conference, and more.


Get website copy that converts to sales or leads for your sales team.

And even if they don’t convert to sales, let’s try to generate future ones by getting people interested in your email list.

Email marketing

Email isn’t dead. In fact, it’s probably your best sales channel.

Small businesses that can’t afford to run large TV or radio campaigns should instead lean more heavily on their email lists—it’s open, doesn’t rely on algorithms, and it’s affordable.


My clients get time with me 1:1.

Get custom strategies and ideas that fit your goals, your team, and your budget starting at $500/mo.

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