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Has your blog fizzled out? Choose an Indianapolis writer for hire to help

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How does your writing work?

  1. It starts with an initial meeting. I need to learn about what you do, hear from your colleagues, and identify who, if anyone, we can talk to for more.
  2. You get 2-3 blog posts or pages per month. Use those posts or pages on your blog or website and share them in social media, email, and watch your search traffic increase.
  3. Every quarter I’ll review the work to make sure it’s doing the most it can in Google search and revise accordingly.

Remember, people do two things on the Internet in one of two ways: they either read or watch something, and they do it to be educated or entertained.

If you’re not educating or entertaining, and aren’t focusing on ways people can read or watch it, then what is it people are supposed to get from your site?

You can read some of my recent work on my portfolio.

Justin and Sookie, the cat

Every blog, page, or study includes

Automatic project management
It’s not your job to think about every topic of idea. That’s why I do the research. You can always suggest topics for case studies, posts, or other news.

Guaranteed satisfaction
We’ll revise until it’s accurate and useful.

Full control or put it on auto-pilot
You can choose to review each piece or I can work with your existing web team or internal staff to go straight to publication.

Meta data ready to copy
Get the meta description, excerpt, and any other small blurbs for your WordPress or other website included in the documents. Ready to copy and paste into Yoast, RankMath, and other SEO plugins.

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Re-start your blog engines, Indy

There are two ways to start: either on my calendar or via email. You can also call me at 317-395-3875.

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