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Get a freelance blogger for hire and put your website to work

If you’ve landed on this page from a Google search, you’re not interested in carrying some middle-man agency to outsource your blogging. And for many good reasons. First, your business and target audience are complicated. Second, search engines look for posts and pages that answer questions, establish authority, and provide utility.

I’m a professional freelance writer and blog writer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Don’t let the term “blog” scare you. We can call them “guides”, “posts”, “news and updates”, “newsletter material”, or anything else you can think of.

I normally skip over most stories and emails like this…because they’re so boring. But not yours. This stuff inspires me to do more.”

— Reader of a client’s website and email

Do you need two or more of the following?

  • A blog writer for hire that can work embedded in your team or directly with you.
  • Ongoing and nearly automatic article writing you don’t have to think.
  • Someone familiar with Google Analytics who can publish, revise, and test material on your site and understand its impact.
  • Well-written content that competes with existing popular blogs and blog topics from competitors.
  • Ongoing material for email marketing, social media updates, white papers, case studies, and features.

If so, we need to talk. Dozens of clients across thousands of web pages have benefited from my fifteen years of experience. We will post, write, and blog your business or organization to the top of search rankings.

Because business should be an act of friendship

I have three rules for working with clients:

  1. Know more about them than anyone else.
  2. Know more about their customers than anyone else.
  3. Help you and your customers connect with each other in ways no one else can match.

Hire a business blogger and blog writer for complex, unique, and niche industries

Tell me if this story sounds familiar: Your business has tried other writers. You went out to hire a blogger on UpWork or Fiverr or some other content farm — and the work wasn’t great. Their written English was lousy, the writing made you look and sound amateurish, and the writers never fully understood what your business does.

There’s a better way that doesn’t have to cost as much as you think:

  1. I meet with you or your designated team. We can do this in-person (around Indianapolis or Indiana), by phone, or online.
  2. We talk about your business. I’ll ask you a series of questions so in-depth you’ll think you’re under investigation. This helps me learn about your work, helps you reflect, and let’s us establish project scope and ideas for future blog posts, landing pages, and more.
  3. I write an agreed-upon number of posts and landing pages each month on a recurring retainer. This is typically around $700 a month for 3-5 posts, depending on the job description, site competition, and content strategy.
  4. You get a Google or Word document with the page or blog post text. It’ll contain the necessary headings, page title, meta description, and the number of images and ALT tags to include on the page if the SEO analysis calls for it.
  5. We revise if needed, and then you publish the material, hand it off to your web developer or marketing team. In some cases, I can help with this, too.

Get more than just a blog post each month

There are four great things about having a consistent business blog writer hired to work alongside your team:

  1. As time goes on, I learn more and more about your business, industry, work, team, likes and dislikes, competitors, and needs. The writing only gets better and more aggressive.
  2. The more you post to your site, the more material you have for email campaigns, newsletters, print pieces, social media updates, and search volume.
  3. Your website grows in authority. Even if a single blog post doesn’t become a top-performing lead magnet, they collectively raise the value and performance of other pages on your website in Google’s search algorithm.

Frequently asked questions about my freelance blogger services

Yep, I’m sold. How do I get started with you?

Easy: contact me, or use this form to schedule a call. The call or web conference is free. There’s no risk or obligation to you. I’m interviewing you in this process as much as you are me.