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Where does this thing get its name? Why is this thing the way it is? Suggest it for a research topic below. Some of my own ideas are submitted here you can vote on. Ideas with the most votes get more of my attention.

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    Sexiest man in Indianapolis
    2 months agoopen0
    Create a page that proves SEO skills by ranking for "Sexiest Man in Indianapolis".
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    More book reviews
    8 months ago
    Idea Lab 1
    You read all those books and always have a recommendation. You should write more about the ones you read, good and bad.
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    “Behind the Pixels”
    8 months agoopen0
    A series of lessons delivered in writing, via classes, and email designed to help people improve their writing online.
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    The 10 o’clock shadow treaty
    8 months agoopen0
    The Indiana territory’s 10 o’clock shadow treaty helped form the line many Indiana cities rest on today. What was this treaty? How did it change how the state is settled and the politics of southern a... Read more...
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