Guy owns James Bond car just to sit in tailored suits and listen to them

I think this is the first time I’ve ever been able to combine two of my top five most beloved things. I present to you the greatest thing I’ve read in over a year:

Perhaps the most chemically pure of the Rolling Stones (no major feat), Charlie Watts [the drummer] is possibly the most eccentric (now that’s saying something). As bandmate Ronnie Wood describes, Watts has a hugely enviable car collection, yet no license to drive. He has suits tailored to each car’s character, which he wears when he sits in them and listens to the sounds of the engines. So if and when Watts’ lot is offered at auction, you can at least be assured of low-mileage examples with no foul weather exposure.

Not only does he just sit in his cars to listen to the sound in custom suits, Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones owns a god damned Citröen. The kind that Roger Moore drove as James Bond in “For Your Eyes Only”.


The Citröen also has the distinction of being the car Roger Moore was in when he gave probably his best facial expression ever:

Bond citroen

Amazing. Next someone’ll tell me that Mick Jagger sang at Sean Connery’s wedding.

It’s Terrifying to Be Me

Sometimes, after I’ve just worked out or before I switch gears into a new task, I take a sec to unwind. Usually, that means I fire up YouTube and hit up one of my favorite’d videos, such as the one below by The Rolling Stones. I like it because it’s my favorite Stones song (Beast of Burden, right up there with Brown Sugar and Don’t Stop). This is also one of the best performances of this song, I like Mick’s hat and Keith continues to prove that the only thing he likes more than coke is his music.

I love the classic stuff in just about every facet of music: the Stones, Beatles and Aerosmith. In TV, I’ll watch anything with Andy Griffith in it. Movies with Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford automatically get added to my Netflix queue regardless of what they’re about. I’m convinced Clint Eastwood would look all bad ass even if a movie was just 2 hours of him sneezing.

You have no idea how terrifying it is to realize that everyone you love to watch and adore are really, really old. Currently, the combined age of the Rolling Stones is 270 years! Ron Wood is the baby having been born in 1947! Charlie’s the elder Stone having been born in 1941. These guys are so old they actually know precisely when “the good ol’ days” were.

Absolutely terrifying. What on earth would I have to look forward to? Britney Spears?

My First Album Purchase in 5 Years

The last time I bought an album, by which I mean a complete set of songs included together, was the Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang album. I bought it in 2005, not longer after I moved to Indy. I told myself the next time I’d buy an album would probably be whenever the Stones or Aerosmith dropped a new one. The album I bought prior to A Bigger Bang was Aerosmith’s Honkin’ on Bo Bo, which dropped in late 2004. I drove 30 miles from Salem just to get my hands on it (this was prior to my usage of iTunes). When I bought A Bigger Bang, I used iTunes and listened to it religiously from the moment it was released. I had managed to secure every Aerosmith song released up until then, including a vintage copy of Steven Tyler singing “Happy Birthday” to guitarist Brad Whitford. I was working on collecting every Stones song back then, and now I have all of them.

The Rolling Stones delivered again a minute ago, with a re-release of Exile on Main Street. It’s from 1972. Nineteen and seventy frickin’ two. Name one other thing that’s been around since 1972 that still works, delivers or matters.

This is the first album I’ve bought in 5 years. I’ve only purchased a handful of individual songs in the meantime, mostly some Dylan tracks and a few from the likes of Mellencamp and The Black Crowes.

I’m picky about music. I only want to listen to people or bands that can prove they know their stuff. Name one band or artist from the 90’s you can remember. Can’t? I know. The only person I could think of that’s actually still around and doing anything is Justin Timberlake, and he’s just around because he’s in movies now. What’s that leave? Chumbawamba?

I wish I were born in the 60’s so I could have been a teenager in the 70’s.