Get web pages, sites, blogs, and more that actually say something

There’s no “website content” here. If your website has a bunch of “content” but doesn’t say something people want to read, I can change that.

I’ve done copywriting, ghostwriting, landing page writing, and “content marketing” for 15+ years for over three dozen clients like you. My work specializes in narrative nonfiction, storytelling, and brand journalism.

I’m doing work for a maximum of 7 clients.
These are some of who I’m working with.

You should become one before space is gone.

👷‍♀️ | An Indianapolis-based engineering firm
🎓 | Indiana University
👨‍👨‍👦 | An Indiana-based child wellness agency
🦺 | An Indianapolis-based security and safety firm
🕰 | A historical research project
👾 | An indie game app developer
💭 | A spot for you

Get industry-leading brand journalism, stories, blogs, and landing pages to earn more leads

I help small businesses, nonprofits, and governments talk to humans and bots. You’ll get blogs that read and sound like they were written in-house.

No industry is too niche. Whether you offer B2B training, youth outreach, government services, or just want help sharing case studies and client successes it all starts with an email.

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Website Audits

Get your existing website reviewed for search placement, keywords, and a second opinion on how your blog is performing.

Content Marketing

The term has lost favor, but let’s call it what it is: writing for audiences on Google and Facebook. They’re out there, so get them on to your site already.


Get research-backed genealogical research, surveys, case studies, and other evidence to back up your name, family, brand, or business. Just look at some of the results people get on the web.

Local SEO

The best local SEO comes from great localized material like that customer you helped here in town, or the team you sponsored. Don’t keep it a secret!

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