A Look at Presidential Campaign Logos

A lot of people have talked about Hillary Clinton’s “H” campaign logo, but not much else has been written about all the other candidates. That’s where we come in.

rick-perry-logo-guidesRick Perry

The 47th Governor of Texas has a logo that looks like it was done by the first person he met with a copy of Photoshop. The start of the “P” and the end of the “Y” do not align, and the stars on either side are slightly off. The inside “P” with the star in the middle almost looks like an afterthought. Because the red “P” is so obscured by the star, it almost doesn’t fit. And what’s with the angled bottom of that red “P”?


marco-rubio-guidesMarco Rubio

Marco Rubio’s campaign logo sits centered as a whole, but dotting the “i” with a small outline of the US doesn’t scale down well. It’s also somewhat annoying that his name is all lowercase with no space, but “A New American Century” is all-caps. Very clean, though.


carly-fiorina-guidesCarly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina’s campaign logo exists so thinly and lacks any overall punch. The “For President” portion makes it seem almost like a whisper and sits irritatingly in a space defined by nothing else around it. The star in the “A” makes it look more like an upside down “V” than an “A”. It also reminds me a lot of this movie poster for For Your Eyes Only.


ted-cruz-guidesTed Cruz

Ted Cruz’s logo is lazy. The fire emblem to the side seems a little tacked-on, and perhaps backwards in comparison to a flag. And worse? The font is just Times New Roman, but smashed in closer together to make it more compact. A middle schooler could have made this in PowerPoint.


trump-guidesDonald Trump

Donald Trump’s logo violates a core tenant of logo design: do not tell me when to be excited. I will decide when I am excited. Your exclamation at the end serves to belittle me. Font choice appears to be Arial Black, but spaced out and squished down in height about 20%.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.40.06 AMMike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee’s campaign makes a subtle call to his faith, but works okay even if you didn’t get that. Unlike other campaigns, he’s placed his whole slogan in the logo. It makes a lot of calls back to the Obama campaign logo, though.


rick-santorum-guidesRick Santorum

Rick Santorum’s logo looks like something you’d find for a Realtor who advertises on a park bench. It’s almost trying to say too much, sorta like his campaign slogan, “Restore the American Dream for hardworking families”. It’s as if they had a bunch of checkboxes and needed to check them all: red, white and blue? Check. Eagle? Check. Bold font? Check. The red in the logo isn’t flattering, and the eagle has a white tail that is completely lost on a white background, which makes it look shorter and truncated.


rand-paul-logo-guidesRand Paul

Rand Paul’s logo is probably my favorite so far of the Republican challengers’ logos. The space between the “R” and “A” is a little much compared to the “AND” portion. The flame and torch above the logo is simple and an elegant representation of the symbol, but its call to Libertarian’s is probably lost on everyone else. This would also be a good logo for the side of a train.


As more candidates come around and logos finalized, I’ll keep this post updated.

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