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Review: Neuro Web Design

Neuro Web Design by Susan Wesincheck

I like reading books related to web design and development and when I picked up a copy of Neuro Web Design, What Makes them Click by Susan Wesincheck, I was excited to uncover some ground breaking new secrets. I wasn’t let down, but I wasn’t thrilled, either.

Neuro Web Design is a book written about studies conducted to determine how people behave on websites and what makes them go where they go. Some of the research pointed to stuff we already know, like clicking on larger items or brighter text attracts attention when done tastefully.

There were a few good tips that stuck with me. For one, if people are presented with a table of products and their prices and specs, people tend to choose whichever product is farthest to the left in the table. The reason being people read left to write and the first item in the table is analyzed the closest, and thus is the most-remembered item.

It wasn’t a bad book to read and is certainly an excellent book for anyone just getting started in understanding human and computer interaction.

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