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Thoughts on the future of computing

  • A computer mouse is a dead peripheral. It’s clear Apple has no interest in their Magic Mouse models. Microsoft has stopped producing most of theirs. And Logitech can’t make a mouse without somehow shoehorning in AI for…something. It’s touch, pen, or trackpads from here on. Ironically, most of my students favor their portable mouse for Adobe-related work.
  • It is generally the case with Apple products you should just use them as they were intended, for better or worse. The iPad is better when you don’t use a mouse, for instance.
  • Adobe’s Creative Suite may just be too lumbering, too big, and too stodgy to inspire truly great work. Procreate, as one examples, feels like an app and company that’s making effort and really innovating in this space.
  • It feels entirely possible that computers are too fast sometimes and humans might do well to consider ways to slow themselves down and focus at a hardware level, not a software one with Focus modes or DND.

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