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“Amazon Unbound” by Brad Stone (ep. 013)

I read “The Everything Store” several years ago and found it fascinating. I always like to peek inside large companies that really change industries, for better or worse. “Amazon Unbound” is the follow-up to that book.

The focus is invariably on Jeff Bezos and much of that revolves around Amazon, but it does extend into his work with The Washington Post, Blue Origin, and personal issues.

Frankly, I don’t know how Brad Stone managed to get so much amazing detail. How does he know who sat where around a table or what someone wore the day such-n-such happened? It impresses me and makes for a rich story with many characters, all revolving around this world inside Amazon with a special way of thinking about problems.

I also really liked talking about this book because it helps solidify some of my thoughts on the company—for better or worse.


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