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Everything you need to know about GoDaddy’s site builder can be seen in this puppy

Another day, another horrible GoDaddy something-or-other. Their last CEO went and shot up endangered elephants in Africa before getting canned.

Now they’ve pulled a Super Bowl ad where you can build a website (for cheap cheap cheap!) and sell a puppy. Way to promote long-lasting homes, GoDaddy. Online dating for people works so well 100% of the time, puppies are in good hands.

The commercial, titled “Journey Home,” features a cute puppy that’s been separated from its family on its journey home, but the ending is what’s causing the uproar, when you find out the owners are happy to see the puppy because they just sold it on a website built using GoDaddy.

A change.org petition to pull the ad garnered tens of thousands of signatures in a matter of a few hours.

The irony here is that this dog would never get sold through a GoDaddy site builder site. No one ever built a thriving business on the back of their templates because they’re so amateurish and poorly coded no one can find them. And if they do, it feels like meeting a guy on Craigslist promising free puppy play dates.

I love cats and dogs, and I didn’t think I could dislike GoDaddy anymore than I did before. But, here we are. So few companies have such a lack of taste and class as GoDaddy.

If you want a puppy, go to your Humane Society. If you want a website that actually does something useful, hire a local designer or developer.

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