In defense of Indiana’s “adjunct teacher” bill

Thing is, I’m not so sure this bill is a bad idea. For one, I used to be an adjunct teacher. I think the root of this bill is simply there aren’t enough teachers. I really don’t think legislators are scheming to undermine the profession of teaching. Why there aren’t enough teachers is, perhaps, a result of their own actions. But for now, I don’t think it’s trying to undermine teachers.

Roe v. Wade is on a collision course with itself

By the 1980s Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor to the bench and the justices began to sway more conservatively, thought not entirely because of her. In every case that even lightly touched on Roe, the justices made a point to make their opinions about it known. Among them was Justice Scalia who openly despised it to the point you’d think it was the only thing he ever thought about.