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Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado (ep. 005)

Life is worth living. Do not waste a breath. In October 1972, a plane carrying dozens of Rugby players from Uruguay to Chile crashed in the Andes mountains. This book is the first-person account of the events that happened until December when they were finally rescued.

The team watched family and friends die just in front of them, fall out of the sky, and cling to life only to be taken by the mountains that surrounded them. They survived in the literal sense of the word through ingenuity, affection for each other, and sheer force of will to do what they had to do—including eating the dead for protein.

This book is an amazing collection with the benefit of hindsight, time, and processing of trauma.

The author writes, “The opposite of death isn’t living, it’s love.” You’ll like this book if you enjoy reading nonfiction, survival genres, about tests of faith, and true stories of intense situations.

Also available to watch on Vimeo and YouTube.


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