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A website that doesn’t need upgrades

The other day I had a plumber out to the house. He said a bunch of stuff needed replaced. He replaced some of it. The rest he said I could do. But I didn’t want to do any of it. I know my limitations. I just wanted him to do whatever needed done so I could take a hot shower.

I never realized it until the other day, but a good way to describe our business here isn’t just on our one of a kind pricing model, but on the way we deliver services.

When you pay someone for a website, the developers will come to an estimated time to complete the work, multiply by the hourly rate, maybe add a little extra, and then you can agree to it and pay.

But what happens in a few years when a bunch of new devices, technology, and styles come out? It’s time for a refresh, and even if you really want one you may sour on the notion quickly when you see the prices for redoing everything.

There’s also the matter of how you keep the site updated in the meantime. Like my plumber, paying hourly for little fixes, even when billed in 15 minute increments, is a waste of your money and of the developer’s time.

No, what we offer isn’t just an interesting price. We offer full website management.

You want that photo swapped out, that banner replaced, that text updated, we do that. It’s all done on request and while it keeps us busy and demands dedicated time to do it, it makes your life easier.

That’s what we do.

And back to that problem of refreshing the site in a few years, we’ve been doing that for clients lately without even recognizing it.

As existing clients have happily signed on with our monthly service rates, we’ve been able to update sites and designs without dramatic fees.

Which means we’ve figured out a way to develop a website that doesn’t need upgrading. It doesn’t need expensive updates or time commitments. A lot like how spending money on a house over time to keep things refreshed as needed is less than waiting for it to all fall down.

And for that I’m immensely proud.

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