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Disable Safari’s Pull-to-Refresh on iPad (perfect for external mouse/trackpads)

As part of my efforts to use my iPad more (see why and how I’m re-learning how to use the iPad more, and see some mouse settings worth considering), there’s another option I’ve figured out: disabling Safari’s pull-to-refresh helps MX Master 3S and MX Anywhere mouse users more efficiently replicate desktop-class scrolling.

Typically when you use either of these mouse models or, presumably, any external mouse that isn’t Apple’s Magic Mouse, you end up with a super fast scroll that goes out of control in Safari on iPad OS. As you scroll up, even if your settings are configured relatively conservatively, the whole thing “pulls to refresh.”

The fix: use the excellent Stop the Madness plugin from the App Store, then go into the settings and enable this custom CSS:

html, body {
  overscroll-behavior: none;

This will force every webpage you visit to disable the overscroll. Note if you use this feature in, say, X, or some other in-browser web app, it’ll be disabled there. Cmd+R or clicking the “Refresh” button will still refresh the page. Which is precisely how it works on the Mac anyway.

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