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Grammarly for Safari iPad Extension works with a finger, not a mouse

If you find Grammarly shows red underlines, but does not show suggestions it’s because it only works with your finger

For any Googlers out there desperately trying to find a fix for this. As of early 2024 with Grammarly v. 5.4: if you have an external keyboard and mouse attached to your iPad, and find that when you use Safari with the Grammarly extension enabled the red underlines appear in website text blocks BUT clicking them doesn’t do anything, use your finger.

I found this by accident when I was about to report it to Grammarly.

It seems Grammarly for Safari’s extension does not recognize mouse inputs and it’s only listening for finger taps.

That’s lousy, but at least it’s not totally broken.

I’ve tested this in WordPress successfully.

Grammarly for Safari on iPad does not work at all with Google Docs in the browser. Bringing up the extension just says it doesn’t work with that “Google product.” Bummer.

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