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Wix, GoDaddy, & VistaPrint versus freelancers

Herb Kelleher said in the early days of founding Southwest Airlines, “We’re not competing with other airlines. We’re competing with ground transportation”.

That’s how I feel about website development and marketing. We’re not competing with local places around here in Indianapolis like Smallbox or MediaSauce. We’re competing with Wix, GoDaddy, and VistaPrint’s website builders and “premium plans”.

It’s not SuperPixel versus a big web agency

It’s VistaPrint versus freelancers like us. We’re not going to sit here and review any of them. At least not today.

In this comparison, Smallbox or MediaSauce, while good at what they do, aren’t for everyone. They’re the Delta or American Airlines of web development. They are great for big businesses with big budgets and a desire to have a really great website.

Wix, GoDaddy, and VistaPrint are there for the DIY crowd. The people who want to do something, anything, for as cheap as possible so long as it mostly does what they need to do. Those places are the Greyhound Bus or modest car of web design.

If your goal is to move 600 miles, you can drive there in a car or on a bus. It’s slower and requires more effort or agony on your part but you’ll get there and you’ll save some money versus flying. If you want to move fast and be comfortable and well taken care of, you fly, but you’ll pay for it.

Southwest Airlines understood that there has to be a middle ground. Big businesses or organizations without dedicated marketing teams hire a team or agency, but small and medium businesses are priced out. Just as Southwest sought to make flying cheaper and better for those in the middle, we seek to do the same for the web and marketing industry, at least in our little corner of the world here in Indianapolis.

Southwest grew from a few routes in Texas to a large operator that made flying affordable for millions and they did it by keeping prices low and service high.

Pre-made site builders versus freelance contractors

That’s why we’re competing against the Wix and VistaPrint and GoDaddy sites of the world. Here’s what each of them charge:

Wix’s Current Pricing

Wix Pricing Plans

GoDaddy’s Current Pricing

GoDaddy Pricing Plans

VistaPrint’s Pricing Plans

VistaPrint Pricing

SuperPixel Pricing

$49 a month and up. Which is almost what you pay for the high end at VistaPrint.

I know, I know, we don’t have a fancy chart to pigeon hole people into. Everyone’s different and while the standard practice is for everyone to contact us and get a quote, you can build your own right now for free with no help from us. But all of our websites come without the limitations of arbitrary page numbering, no bandwidth limits or other technical jargon. We do hard work and we do it for people like you.

We’re not competing with big players like Smallbox, we’re competing with the ground-level. And while we charge more per month than those guys, we provide more and better service, just as Southwest does with flights versus a bus.

You can do better and have more

You can take your time and agonize over those site builders, or you can build a quote from us right now and have more:

  • A team of actual human beings at your service every day to generate ideas and anything else you need.
  • You can have access to professionally designed flyers, business cards, and print projects.
  • You can stop trying to figure out whether you should have 20MB or 10MB of disk space. We handle that.
  • What ads are and aren’t supported. We don’t put ads on our sites.
  • No need to mess with HTML. We handle that.
  • You don’t have to figure out what the heck a favicon is. We do that.
  • You can stop being limited by arbitrary page limits. We don’t have limits.
  • You won’t be priced out of something as simple as a blog.
  • You can still make edits to your site yourself. Or we can do that for you.
  • We’ll craft a site for you that’s unique. You don’t have to use a template used by thousands of other people.
  • All of our sites are mobile-friendly from the start.
  • We guarantee satisfaction on all our work.

That’s included standard because it’s just the best practice. Get a website and service quote and we’ll get to work.

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