11 things I’ve needed that clients need, too

In my list of random business notes, there’s one called “Things I’ve needed that clients need, too.” It’s a list of general business practices that I find I get irritated with whenever I have to hire a third party contractor or individual. There’s a lot of business style overlap between me and a house painter or artist.

What makes a good podcast? 1

What makes a good podcast?

The vast majority of Americans will tell you they’ve listened to the radio in the last week. The dominant media inside people’s cars, radio has a reach second only to TV. And while radio has been on the decline for some time, the kinds of declines people talk about are mainly in terrestrial radio, or radio that gets broadcast from a radio station somewhere in your city.

What it’s like wearing a fitness tracker every day

I’ve had multiple fitness trackers over the years. I started with the original Jawbone, the one that broke and ended up in massive recalls. Then I tried a Fitbit, then back to the Jawbone UP 2.0 and now an UP 24. I don’t like either of them, I never do anything with the data, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it or where it goes.